Daisy Chain is a dynamic, homegrown school in its third year of operation on San Juan Island. Our play-based curriculum is lightly peppered with direct instruction and planned learning activities. Our approach is rooted in studies of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and further influence by Psychology, Philosophy, Science, Art, Goal Coaching, Assertiveness Training, and Wilderness Therapy.

Increasing educational options for families on San Juan Island is our main goal. More choice means a better chance you will find a program that meets your child’s educational and family’s scheduling needs. We offer structured, play-based multi-age classes morning and afternoon, Tuesday through Friday. Depending on space availability, we can accommodate random scheduling needs of up to four hours from 8:30 to 5:30 on the days we are open.

Learners of all ages are welcome at Daisy Chain School. Our mixed-age classes provide opportunity for children to work at their own pace across the curriculum. Younger children play together under the watchful eye of the older children and the teacher(s). They look up to the older children, and strive to be like them. Elementary students benefit from the play-based experience, while taking on more complex learning projects. They also take lots of pride in helping the younger children navigate the transitions and responsibilities of each day. Middle and high school students can develop leadership skills while studying Child Development or Psychology. Homeschool students, of all ages, can extend projects and studies from home or just come for the social opportunity, or both. We also welcome parents at Daisy Chain School. Check out our Attend with a Parent option on the Enrollment page, or inquire about parent volunteer positions. Children grow best in the company of growing adults. We are all always growing and learning at Daisy Chain School.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a visit to learn more.